Behind Every Great Chef Is a Fine Larder and Cellar

The Grainary is proud to work with Yorkshire suppliers where we can.

Amelia’s Chocolates hriving chocolate shop in town and online. Amelia creates quirky chocolates with a local theme. Check out her Scarborough Fish and Chip chocolates in our Farm Shop.

Baytown Beer is a smuggler’s poke in the eye to the 18th Century, when governments were at war and people just wanted a tax-free beer or cider, from over 30 years’ brewing experience with the best ingredients.

Baytown Coffee is “ethically sourced and outrageously delicious”, produced by people who love great quality coffee in a range of roasts and seductive blends.

Beacon Farm Ice Cream combines the freshest fruits, whole milk and double cream from the best dairies in Yorkshire to create cool and creamy mouth sensations.

Betton Wines knows wine and how to source, preserve and pair them, with over 20 years’ experience, they have a wine to suit all tastes.

Brown Eggs of Scarborough gather eggs from free range hens on the Yorkshire Coast (keeps them fit) and pack them at their own farm – how eggs used to taste.

Crofts Chocolates uses the best cocoa, richest cream, butter and real flavourings to create sinfully good chocolates you’ll dream about.

The Fruity Kitchen is a mother/daughter team, committed to keeping preservatives out of preserves with their delicious jams, chutneys and relishes.

Halder’s sources all its high-quality beef, pork, lamb and poultry from their own or local farms.

Jackson’s Champion Bread Since 1851, Jackson’s Bakery has been baking bread in God’s Own Country. Their Yorkshire Champion bread is a way of honouring their roots and celebrating all that’s good with our great county.

Mainprize’s Seafood has a stellar reputation since 1943, when cod were cod and winkles shucked oysters for the halibut.

Michael Lees Cheese boasts over 300 types of artisan and specialty cheeses that include superior classics and innovative delicacies.

Olleco oils are delicately flavoured, produced from non-genetically modified seeds and blended as the perfect cooking oils.

Philip Train is a neighbouring farmer in the Dale, who produces some of the lushest and toothsome fruits and vegetables.

Scarborough Brewery Based on Barry’s Lane in Scarborough, Jim and James have setup a fantastic local brewery, with it’s Citra brew being a firm favourite with locals and tourists. They also supply us with our exclusive Harwood ‘Ale

The Serious Sweet Company has won consecutive Great Taste Awards for its fudges; amongst their other fabulously flavourful confectionary are childhood favourites, brittles and toffees.

Sloe Motion harvests fruit from hedgerows and orchards, combines them in kitchen recipes to hand make an exciting range of spirits, liqueurs and truffles.

Sykes House Farm brings traditional family farming into the 21st Century with best practices sourced meat and poultry from Yorkshire herds and flocks.

Tree Top Press hand presses (they do have a pressy thing) apples to make 100% juice cider; flowers and other fruits are transformed into unique cordials.

Trotters Farm home rears their free range pigs and hand makes award-winning, 75% pork, gourmet sausages that sizzle, crackle and burst with more flavour than your taste buds can handle.

Corkers Crisps leave the jacket on the potato (because it’s polite) and hand cooks their crisps in small batches, with authentic seasonings.

UE Coffee Roasters create exclusive, genuine, hand-crafted, artisan coffees through their unique wood-roasting process.