The Grainary

The Farm

In 1990, The Grainary opened it’s doors to the public.

Farmer John wanted to give everyone the chance to witness a Yorkshire working farm in action.

25 years later, the farm continues to grow and the farm experience for visitors is enhanced too!

Once you arrive, you’re surrounded by exciting things to explore.

With several trailed walks, an outdoor children’s play area and a Geocache hunt on site, The Grainary offers something for everyone.

We have made this short video which gives you a better idea of what to expect on the farm.

A Working Farm and Much, Much More


The Grainary is based at the 200-acre, Keasbeck Hill Farm, owned by my father, John Simpson. He is the fifth generation of our families farming heritage and has transformed our simple farm with his Whole Farm Conservation Plan. The main benefit of this is that the farm is free to visit for school parties for educational projects.


Because of this, we are dedicated to improving the conservation value of the land and have partnered with numerous schemes and agencies including:


  • The Countryside Stewardship Scheme rewards farmers who conserve and improve the landscape, wildlife habitats, history and archaeology, and who provide opportunities for people to enjoy the countryside.
  • Natural England advises farmers on how to made their land more accessible and engaging for everyone, promotes biodiversity and geodiversity, wildlife and environmental land management, as well as recreating lost natural environments.
  • Forestry Commission supports woodland owners who sustainably manage woodlands and forests and establish new tree planting.
  • Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group offers trusted, independent environmental advice to the farming community. It helps farmers understand the environmental value of their land and make the most of the agri-environment options available.
  • North York Moors National Park conserves and enhances the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area. Promotes opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of national parks by the public. And seeks to foster the economic and social well-being of local communities within the national park.

As you can see, we take our responsibilities to the earth and environment very seriously so that we can preserve, improve and share our land with you.