Country Tea Rooms

Farmhouse Tea Rooms

Food As It Should Be

Remember when food used to taste real? An egg was a whole joy and even bread was addictive. Nowadays, we are so accustomed to additives, preservatives, and artificial flavours, who remembers real food?

We do.

Our Tea Rooms with some of the best views in the county. Start your day with an all-day breakfast that will have you lingering and chatting over your meal like we used to. Fuel up, there’s lots to do around here. Bring the kids it’s a family-run farm with family-friendly restaurants and staff, we’d love to see all of you.

You can come for lunch.

Experience Farmer John’s Ploughman’s Lunch – one of the best, freshest and the most varied medley of the cream of local fare on one board!


Opening Times

The Grainary Tea Rooms opens 11 am – 7 pm – Monday through Saturday

Winter Opening Times


Thursday through Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm

12 pm – 4 pm on Sunday

** Note: that from time to time we host special events on the farm, our opening times may vary because of this. For the latest information, check out our Facebook page**

We are very proud to say that we cater a special Gluten Free Menu which is ideal for Coeliacs and a very special Vegan menu